The Author's Agent
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The Authors' Agent has particular strengths in adult fiction, narrative non-fiction and children's books, but overall we are more interested in writers than in categories. More than anything else, what we look for is writers who have identifiable, long-term career-development potential. That's not to say that we will not look at one-off submissions, but generally we are in it for the long haul.

Our Clients

So what is 'our kind' of client?
We welcome submissions from committed, professional writers who are out there making a difference in the world. Writers who have interesting stories to tell - fiction or non-fiction - and fresh and unique ways of telling their stories.

New Writers

Ideally, submitters should be at the stage where they have had some of their work published in some form already - for example, perhaps short fiction, or journalism, or research.
We are happy to look at submissions from new, previously-unpublished writers - interesting individuals who are beginning to make their mark in their chosen field, whatever that may be - providing their work has reached a very high standard of execution.


The marketability of an author is a key consideration for prospective publishers today. Even so, aspiring writers should recognise that nowadays authors can no longer rely solely on their publisher, or even just on their own website and blog, to promote themselves and their work to their target audiences.
Authors today need to understand the fast-changing market. And they need to be proactive in engaging with their audience through the internet and social media.

Our Response

We aim to respond to every submission within eight working weeks.
Due to the high volume of submissions we receive, and the very small percentage that we are able to take on for representation, it is just not possible to provide detailed reasons for our decision to every submitting writer that we unfortunately have to say 'No' to.


Likewise, The Authors' Agent does not provide editorial advice nor act as a forwarder for its sister-company, The Manuscript Appraisal Agency.
From time to time, The Authors' Agent may suggest to a submitting author that at this stage in their development, an objective professional assessment might be helpful to them. In such instances, the author concerned should undertake his or her own research of the options available before engaging the assessment service that appears most attuned to their needs. A list of recommended assessment services appears on the 'Useful Links' page of this site.

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