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Our Services

The Opportunities

We are living in interesting times. Never before have writers been faced with so many different ways in which they can publish and share their work.

The technology innovations of the last decade have changed forever the writing-publishing paradigm. They have brought instantaneity and accessibility to the creator-consumer relationship. The gap between a writer and his or her readers has been narrowed to just a few mouse-clicks.

This increasing diversity of publishing forms and formats is exciting. The new digital world offers previously undreamed-of opportunities to writers. But it is a world that needs to be negotiated with care. Sure, there are lots of opportunities, but there are risks and potential pitfalls too.

In particular, writers need to take care that in seizing the moment and embracing an opportunity to get exposure for their work through a new medium, they do not inadvertently give away or undermine valuable future rights in their intellectual property. And writers also need to be aware that exciting as many of the new media opportunities are, partnering with a well-connected literary agent and with a reputable commercial publishing house is still the optimum prescription for building a writer's career over the long term.

What We Do

At The Authors' Agent, our focus is on building writers' careers, and realising the full potential of our clients' work, through licensing both to 'traditional' media and to the new media. We try to keep one eye on the present and one on the future.

The agency operates on a commission basis and does not charge additional fees of any kind. We earn from what we sell on our clients' behalf.

But the agency can only take on a handful of new clients each year, and must therefore be selective. We are only able to make an offer of representation to a very small percentage of those who submit their work to us.

For clients that we are able to take on, The Authors' Agent offers the following licensing and author management services: