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Michael Chamberlain

Michael Chamberlain deceased 9th January 2017.

Michael Chamberlain was well known to Australians as the father of Azaria Chamberlain and the former husband of Lindy Chamberlain, now Lindy Chamberlain-Creighton. His journey, particularly since 1980, through the Northern Territory Law Courts was extraordinary in Australian legal history. Losing his 9-week old daughter at Ayers Rock on the horrendous night of 17 August 1980 in a dingo attack and then being tried and convicted as an accessory after the fact in her death, created an event, dubbed "The Trial of the (20th) Century" and "The most scandalous (arraignment of innocent people) in Australian legal history".

It took almost 32 years, 10 court cases, tens of millions of dollars, scores of television programs, more magazine articles than on any member of royalty and rivalling any prime minister of Australia. More than a dozen books have been dedicated to tracing Michael and Lindy Chamberlain's saga to get justice in the Northern Territory courts of law.

With the finding of the Fourth Inquest in 2012 into how Azaria died, this time driven by Michael Chamberlain's ground breaking-submission to the Northern Territory Coroner, Elizabeth Morris, the wheel of justice turned full circle. But there was one huge question remaining. How did this sensational debacle and miscarriage of justice evolve and who was behind the Chamberlain's demise? Was there a cover-up and if so who was behind it?

Michael Chamberlain has been described as many things, including being enigmatic. But one thing cannot be denied. He never lost his faith, his determination or his will to survive and succeed in the mission impossible to get justice for Azaria and his family.

A senior player in coronial reform in Australia and professor of law, Ray Watterson, stated: "Of all the people I've seen in a situation of serious and prolonged injustice, there is no one else I know apart from Dr Michael Chamberlain that is equipped to take control and overcome this as the central authentic voice and catalyst to the final act of justice for Azaria."

Michael Chamberlain held a PhD, University of Newcastle. He had published three history books. He was a retired English and History high school teacher. With his second wife, Ingrid, Michael had one daughter Zahra. With his first wife Lindy he had four children, Aidan, Reagan, Azaria (deceased) and Kahlia.

Michael's book, Heart of Stone, Justice for Azaria, was published in Australia and New Zealand in July 2012 by New Holland Publishers and later that year in the UK and the US. This book is the first time Michael has told his story; a father's story.

His interests included law reform, media management, and Australian history. His hobbies included dry fly trout fishing, feral game eradication and listening to classical music.