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Malcolm Brown

Malcolm Brown has been a general reporter covering courts, royal commissions and coroners inquests for the Sydney Morning Herald for over thirty years. He began his journalism career with the Daily Liberal newspaper in Dubbo, New South Wales, in 1969.

Malcolm's previous books include:

Justice and Nightmares (1992)
the best seller Australian Crime: Chilling Tales of Our Time (1995)
Rorting: The Great Australian Crime (1998)
Bombs Guns and Knives: Violent Crime in Australia (2000)
Australia's Worst Disasters (2002)
Cold-Blooded Murder: True Crimes that Rocked Australia (2006)
You're Leaving Tomorrow (2007)
Heart of Gold: The Bruce Miles Story (2007)

Malcolm's latest book Mad Bad and Mysterious: Murder, Rape and Pillage in Australia was published by Pan Macmillan Australia in mid-2009.

What the critics say:

"[Malcolm Brown] has a fine attention to detail and a storyteller's ability with a good yarn. ... This [Cold-Blooded Murder] is a fine book. The research is meticulous, each news event is placed in a larger context and the writing is gripping - even when you already know the outcome." Bruce Elder, nonfiction reviewer, Spectrum, 2006

"Brown's expertise is to tell a story with just the right level of drama to induce in the reader a sense of moral outrage without ever showing his own prejudices." Bruce Elder, nonfiction reviewer, Spectrum, 25 July 2009