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Ber Carroll

Ber Carroll was born in Blarney, County Cork, a small but famous village in Ireland. The middle child of six, she often retreated from the chaos of family life by immersing herself in books, and she has fond memories of the mobile library bus that used to pull up outside their house in Blarney and the dozen or so books she would borrow at a time, some quite inappropriate for her age.

Ber moved to Australia in 1995 with her then partner - now husband - Rob. She worked as a finance director in the information technology industry in Sydney. Though very focussed on her career, the exciting and dynamic work environment captured her imagination and inspired her first novel, Executive Affair. When Executive Affair was published, Ber flatly denied that it was in any way auto-biographical. She now admits that the novel did have a lot of her in it, but insists that she did not have an affair with the vice-president of the company, as did the character in the book!

Ber now writes full-time. She has written four other novels since:
Just Business
High Potential
The Better Woman
Less Than Perfect
and has been published in five countries.

Reflecting her own experience, Ber writes about modern-day women who move back and forth between Ireland and Australia seeking adventure, change of lifestyle or career, and new beginnings. Ber continues to be fascinated with the strong links and contrasts between the two countries, what spurs people to move from one side of the world to the other, what keeps them there or draws them back home, and the notion that distance alone can solve problems and heal wounds.

Ber is currently working on her sixth novel, with outlines for further novels in development.